First Year Diaries: Getting turnt

When I think about my personal growth, the biggest contributing factor to it was University. It was my first proper leap into independence which was much needed for me. Plus, I was eighteen and needed to feel like an adult instead of a child, which my parents did and still do treat me as. Like... Continue Reading →


Single AF

I don't think I am a bad date. I wouldn't say I am an amazing date but I would rate myself a solid 8 out of 10. That being said, I have never been able to finesse a serious relationship out of any date I have been on. To a certain extent, I can see... Continue Reading →


So after quite the hiatus, the award-winning writer of this acclaimed blog is back. While most of that first line was a joke, I did win a competition in Year 7 where the prize was my poem being placed into a book. So yeah, technically I am a published author. (Insert photo of my smug... Continue Reading →

I’m chubby and cute

It has taken me years to finally get to a place where I feel mainly positive about my appearance. It has been a long journey and while I'm still not completely confident in myself, I am getting there. I think the biggest issue that I have had to get over was my issue with my... Continue Reading →

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